Necrocosm Card List

Shadowcrawl Necrocosm

Welcome, If you're here then it's likely you've found a special playing card! A tiny shimmering piece of the Necrocosm.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the first few Necrocosm tournaments and to our 3 winners. Stay tuned as we will begin producing official quality cards as soon as we are out of alpha!

If you are looking for the rules, they are at the bottom of the page below the card list. Otherwise here are pictures from the Necrocosm Card Tournament At Game On!

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Here's a list of all the cards from the alpha that were available during the Necrocosm Tournament. Stay tuned for the Beta Cards available for purchase coming soon!

Below are the rules of how to play: Remember 5 cards to a deck and your entire deck is in your hand or in play at all times